Seminars and Annual Conference

SAAJ holds various kinds of seminars to enable members to brush up their knowledge and learn the latest developments in the investment world.

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SAAJ International Seminar

The international seminar focuses on the critical issues related to investment management from a global perspective.

The 14th SAAJ Intenational Seminar (6 April 2023)PDF (788KB)

SAAJ Seminar

This annual seminar focuses on the equity analysis and valuation.

SAAJ Summer Seminar

This annual seminar focuses on the analysis of macroeconomics, finance, and bond investment.

SAAJ-Nippon Finance Association Joint Seminar

This annual seminar is jointly conducted with the Nippon Finance Association focusing on the topics interesting for both academics and practitioners.

SAAJ Private Banking (PB) Seminar

SAAJ holds a one-day seminar with case study sessions for wealth management every year, which provides participants with an opportunity to keep knowledge and skills up to date. Supplementary seminars are also held focusing on specific topics.

GIPS Seminar

As the GIPS Standards Sponsor in Japan, SAAJ organizes GIPS Seminar on a regular basis to address key issues and interpretations on the GIPS Standards.

Other Seminars

Seminars by Japanese and foreign specialists on various topics concerning investment theory, economics, and financial, industrial, and scientific technology, etc. are held annually.

SAAJ Annual Conference

The first SAAJ Annual Conference was held in 1986. Since then, it has been held to promote members' knowledge and networking. The program consists of commemorative speech, keynote speech, and panel discussions on current topics of interest to financial analysts.

The 38th SAAJ Annual Conference (10 October 2023)PDF (3.2MB)

CMA Regional Communication Networks

CMA Regional Communication Networks offer regional forums for CMA certificate holders in Hokkaido, Tohoku, Hokuriku, Tokai, Kansai, Chugoku, Shikoku, and Kyushu. Group studies and educational seminars are held in each region with active participation by network members.

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