Corporate Disclosure

The objective of the Corporate Disclosure Study Group is to promote the quality and fairness of corporate disclosure from the viewpoint of securities analysts. To achieve this goal, the Group has implemented a corporate disclosure evaluation and award system since 1995. The Group, comprising representatives from 20 sub-groups (18 industries, emerging markets, and disclosure to individual investors), formulates corporate disclosure review criteria (score sheets) for each industry / area specific features. The criteria attach greater importance to voluntary and positive disclosure rather than mandatory disclosure. Evaluations of emerging market companies and also of disclosure to individual investors were introduced in 2005.

For this year, the Group did not conduct evaluation for the Machinery.

For this year, the score sheets for 309 companies (279 for 17 industries and 30 for emerging markets) were filed by 568 securities analysts, and carefully analyzed / evaluated by each sub-group, and then the Group selected companies performing excellent disclosure in each industry / area as follows:

Corporate Disclosure

2023 Awards for Excellence in Corporate Disclosure

Disclosure Industries
Construction / Housing / Real Estate Sekisui House, Ltd.WIN
Foods Asahi Group Holdings, Ltd.WIN
Chemicals / Fiber Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.WIN
Cosmetics & Personal care POLA ORBIS HOLDINGS INC.WIN
Pharmaceuticals Astellas Pharma Inc.WIN
Steel / Non Ferrous Metal Kobe Steel, Ltd.WIN
Electric / Precision OMRON CorporationWIN
Automobile / Parts / Tires Bridgestone CorporationWIN
Energy Idemitsu Kosan Co.,Ltd.WIN
Transportation Japan Airlines Co., Ltd.WIN
Commerce MITSUI & CO., LTD.WIN
Banks Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, Inc.WIN
IT Service / Software Nomura Research Institute, Ltd.WIN
Advertising Services / Media / Entertainment Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd.WIN
Disclosure Emerging Markets
Emerging Markets SpiderPlus & Co.WIN
GMO Financial Gate, Inc.WIN
Macbee Planet, Inc.
Disclosure to Individual Investors
Disclosure to Individual Investors Nomura Research Institute, Ltd.WIN
Ajinomoto Co., Inc.WIN

As a result of the evaluation by the Insurance/Securities/Other Financing Business Sub-Group, there is no award for this industry.

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