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Industry, Company, and Technology Research

To provide SAAJ members and individual investors with basic information necessary for corporate analysis and valuation, SAAJ offers various opportunities as follows:

  • Company Presentations
  • Factory Visits
  • Industry Analysis Workshops
  • Technology Research Workshops
  • Special Company Presentations for Individual Investors
  • SAAJ-IR Club


Company Presentations

SAAJ organizes Company Presentations for IR purposes both in Tokyo and Osaka in which the CEOs and top executives of listed companies discuss their recent financial results and future outlook. The main audiences of the presentations are securities analysts who are individual/corporate members of SAAJ. During April 2009 - March 2010, there were 1,095 company presentations in total on the average attendance of 50 members.


Factory Visits

SAAJ conducts visits to the factories of various industry categories for the SAAJ's member analysts about four times a year. The participants enjoy the operations of the factories followed by the Q&A sessions with the top management of the company.


Industry Analysis Workshops

SAAJ holds several special workshops a year for the purpose of deepening the understanding of particular industry of member analysts. In those lectures famous analysts, researchers, scholars, and so on speak about current situation and future outlook of various industries.


Technology Research Workshops

Well known analysts, technologists, scholars, and so on speak about current situation and future outlook of new technology and products.


Special Company Presentations for Individual Investors

As one of measures to promote the participation of individuals in the capital markets, SAAJ started the Special Company Presentations for Individual Investors in trial basis in 2006 in Tokyo. Since the special presentations in trial basis were successful, SAAJ started to hold these presentations on a regular basis in Tokyo in 2008. The same presentations were also commenced on a regular basis in Osaka in 2009. There are about 130 presentations a year.



SAAJ started "IR Club" from April 2005. IR Club members are able to access the summaries of company presentations and attend seminars organized by SAAJ at the member rate. The IR Club is open to the public who are not individual members or employees of the corporate members of SAAJ.

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