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SAAJ publishes various presentations from educational seminars, conferences, and meeting in Japanese (some 100 per year) electronically on the SAAJ website.

Those available in English are as follows:

Asian Financial Markets after the Crisis – Combining Western Dynamism with Eastern Prudence

- Shinichi Yoshikuni

This is the proceedings of a presentation delivered to the SSC/SRTC-ACIIA/SAAJ Seminar, November 9, 2011, Hanoi, Vietnam. The Japanese translation of the proceedings appears in the Securities Analysts Journal, March 2012.


Value Creation through Intellectual Asset-Based Management and Business Risk Quantification

- Yoko Ohta, CMA

This presentation comes from the SAAJ event held on 28 May 2007 in Tokyo and focuses on business risk quantification, assessment, and management which would impact on companies’ value creation through intellectual asset-based management.


Benchmarks for Alternative Investments

- William Fung/David A. Hsieh

This is from a presentation delivered to the 15th SAAJ-AIMR/JSIP Joint Seminar on the theme "Asset Management and Benchmarks", March 5-7, 2003, Tokyo, and focuses on hedge fund strategies. It consists of three parts: the first deals with the difficulties in measuring hedge fund return characteristics, the second the different ways to simplify the wide range of hedge fund strategies to something more manageable, while the third part is a combination of the first two where the different ways of creating benchmarks for hedge funds are analyzed.

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