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SAAJ Seminars and Annual Conference

SAAJ holds various kinds of seminars to enable members to brush up their knowledge and learn the latest developments in the investment world.



Newly introduced as an annual continuing education program for investment professionals, the “SAAJ International Seminar” is a high-caliber seminar focusing on the most critical issues related to investment management. This seminar is supported by supranational organizations of professional financial analysts: ACIIA (The Association of Certified International Investment Analysts); ASIF (Asian Securities and Investments Federation); and EFFAS (The European Federation of Financial Analysts Societies).

   2015    Asset Management in Asia: Opportunities and Future Development
  24 April 2015, Tokyo                                                                                    
   2014    The Future of Investment Strategy under the Dramatic Changes in the Investment Environment
  6-7 March 2014, Tokyo                                                                                    
   2013    Pension Fund Management in Global Low-growth Environment
  21-22 February 2013, Tokyo                                                                                    
   2012    The Future Asset Management Business in Japan and its Strategies for Further
  Development : Proposals for New Strategies

  24-25 February 2012, Tokyo                                                                                    



This seminar mainly focuses on equity analysis and is held in Tokyo annually.

   2013    Re-evaluating Japanese Stocks in Expanding Global Investments
  18 January 2013
   2012    Equity Investments under Adversity - Towards Recovery of Japanese Corporations
  20 January 2012
   2011    Development of Equity Markets and Changing Climate Surrounding Equity Investment
  in Asian Countries

  19 January 2011



This seminar targets the analysis of macroeconomics, finance, and bond investments and is held in Tokyo every summer.

   2014 Macro-Economic Environment and Fixed Income Investment Strategy by the Japanese Pension Funds
2 July 2014
   2013   Investment Strategy in an Entirely New Dimension of Monetary Easing
  3 July 2013
   2011   Fixed Income Investments after Great East Japan Earthquake
  29 June 2011
   2010    Emergence of Sovereign Risk and Implications
  7 July 2010



This seminar is jointly conducted with the Nippon Finance Association focusing on interesting topics for academics and practitioners and is held in Tokyo annually.

   2014   Progress of Information Technology and Application in Securities Investments:Big Data and High Frequency Trading
  3 September 2014
   2013   Sustainability of Asset Value Increases
  9 September 2013
   2011   Commodity Investments and Strategies: Theories and Practices amid Rising Commodity Prices
  29 September 2011
   2010    Launch of TSE’s Arrowhead and its Impact on Stock Trading and Pricing
  3 September 2010



SAAJ holds a two-day seminar with case study sessions for wealth management in Tokyo every year, which provides participants an opportunity to keep up to date and maintain their reputation as reliable advisers. Supplementary seminars are also held focusing on specific topics.

   2010    4th Private Banking Seminar: Theory and Practice for Private Bankers
  10 and 17 December 2010
  Adult Guardianship System: To Enhance Professional Capabilities of Private Bankers
  14 October 2010
  Asset Management in the form of Corporation or Trust for High Net Worth Individuals
  30 September 2010
  Life Time Transfer for High Net Worth Individuals
  17 September 2010
  Education for the Next Generation in the Global Era: Advisory Services for High
  Net Worth Families in Overseas and Japan
  30 August 2010
  Inheritance and Gift in a Global World: Issue of Possible Double Taxation between
  Japan and the U.S. Property Taxes
  24 June 2010
  Characteristics of Owners’ Corporate Management: To Enhance Professional
  Capabilities of Private Bankers
  10 May 2010

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Seminars for CIIA holders from abroad

The SAAJ will hold four seminars (including lunch) which CIIA holders from abroad are eligible to attend without any participation fee. All these seminars will be held in Tokyo.

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GIPS Seminar

As the GIPS Country Sponsor in Japan, SAAJ has been conducting regular annual GIPS Seminar since January 2006. In July 2010, SAAJ commenced a series of GIPS Seminars for the purpose of providing practical and up to date information on the 2010 edition of the GIPS Standards.

   2011    Applying GIPS Standards to Real Estate and Private Equity Investments
  4 February 2011
   2010    Performance Calculation and the Concept of Fair Value
  8 December 2010
  GIPS Compliance on the Global Basis
  29 September 2010
  Fundamentals of Compliance with the GIPS Standards
  9 July 2010
  2010 Revisions to the GIPS Standards – Key Points and Impact on Practices –
  8 March 2010

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Some 100 presentations by Japanese and foreign specialists on various topics concerning investment theory, economics, and financial, industrial, and scientific technology, etc. are held in Tokyo and local cities annually.



The first SAAJ Annual Conference was held in 1986. Since then, it has been held to promote members' knowledge and networking. The program consists of commemorative speech, keynote speech, and panel discussions on current topics of interest to securities analysts.

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SAAJ’s aim is to organize regional communication networks among CMA members. Kyushu Communication Network, Tokai Communication Network, and Hokuriku Communication Network have been established since 2008. Group studies and educational seminars are held in each region with active participation by network members.

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